2014. április 23., szerda

Haunting Monumentality III

NO Gallery of MSU (Museum of Contemporary Art), Zagreb
25/04/2014 – 15/05/2014 
Haunting Monumentality was a group exhibition which first premiered in GaleriaPlan B, Berlin in 2012, but since it's first edition it emerged to become a long-term curatorial research project, minimum a circle, now rather a saga of exhibitions arriving to it's third stage of evolution in No Gallery of MSU, Zagreb, after recently appearing also in Club Electroputere in Craiova.
The exhibition-series in generel analyze the function of social memory through the art practices of the exhibitors and how their, our cognitive abstraction connected to history becomes manifest through visual signes and symbols in different spaces of different instituions.
The first edition questioned the existence of a collective memory based on consensus, the second already negates such a possibility and rather declares the impossibility of any total consensus. The new obscure and timeless utopias, which often seem ecsatic rather than static, rise from the desert of private interpreations and take us deep into the realm of abstraction. The third edition of the group exhibition which is constantly changing it's shape takes a closer look on art practices of emerging hungarian artists, who deal with or use abstraction in a rather instinctive and non-referential way.
The pieces of of the exhibiton which can all be interpreted as vehicles of the hysteria of history, all try to use abstraction as a liberative tool of forms which engage the topic of monuments and monumentality. All monumental forms sensually depicted in this exhibition frame become interpretable as ephemeral monuments, which don't refer anymore to the past, or the future, but they become timeless presence. With their sensuality they try to force the viewers to follow their paths in this liberating vortex of abstraction. Thus abstraction becomes a new type of ghostly monumental presence, which reenacts the function of the monument in an age when we don’t have much clear and definiable knowledge left about thruth and moral as a society. The thirs Zagreb edition summarises and synthetases the outcomes of the first two exhibitions, but walks even more and more towards the edge of the razor.
exhibiting artists:       
Adrián Kiss
Márton Nemes
Péter Puklus
Péter Szabó
Ádám Ulbert
Áron Fenyvesi
text by Áron Fenyvesi

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