2009. május 2., szombat

mikrofon próba: egy, kettő, egy

Have you ever bartered before? What is primitive? Can you wear a suit? Explode Baby! Give me some inframince. Giving strengths away. This is your fancy fence? Savouring acoustic nuances. Some people are really enthusiastic about the idea of being free. Never enter award competitions. Just don’t. It’s not good for you. Reflux. Re. Blossom, blossom, heavy blossom. Emotionally absent figures. Surviving is nice. Subversive sausages. Proper mental block. Self censored life to live, every day a mild to bleed. You check yourself, finish the light, chose n push, use the art. The camera appears to stop, pleased on public hate, able to trash the comfort, what I mostly make. Look up pale insane, it’s a field of vivid gaze, but you must be faker, put out some trace. Total disillusion strongly recommended. Major delays. Choose a day, chance to come. Better nothing than this. Let’s imagine a wound in this shape. Trust your senses carefully. Don’t spend your free time. Invest it. Investing is cool. Nothing. Life as a break. Everything is important. Attempt. Fuck off fun. There is no difference. Wreckless wrights. Let’s not get carried away. Zeit. Angst.

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