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2012 december / 1

(Project description in english you can find on the bottom of the page, after the images)

Végre elkészült a sorozat második rajza. Eseményekben nagyon sűrű 2012. december hónapnak első felét mutatja be. „Hamarosan” következik a második része is. 
Az alábbiakban a projektről lesz szó pár mondatban, angolul (hogy ne csak mi értsük a saját bajunkat), aki magyarul szeretné olvasni, az itt teheti meg.

The project is using like starting-point the representation method of the scandalous paintings commissioned for the New Hungarian Constitution (2011. November) by the Government. I try to show the events of recent past almost with the same method. The style and the technique it seams to archaic, and the chronicler working method is also a slow way of reaction, but it is important to me to use a similar working method.

In my analysis not the recently taken political decisions or their impact on society (eg. new positions of homeless) is in my focus, rather the reaction of people to this well functioning machinery. These actions are usually organized street demonstrations, often form a very interesting and strategic solutions, full of creative ideas. Therefore, the project also could have the following subtitle: The People's performativity.

For more than a year ago I started collecting photos of the events. I am doing research using the Internet and magazines (subjective image-filtration and collection procedure). The process has a strong documentary character: I am producing digital-collages from the collected material, forming a complex summary of the decisive events, increasing the density. These collages are the starting point of the drawing.
The final product is a series of large-scale drawings presented in chronological order. On one sheet is presented the events of a month together. This presentation tries to be independent, showing a wide rage of ideological backgrounds.

The final product besides of the series of big scale drawings will be a weekly-newspaper like publication, with all drawings and extra text in two languages (Hungarian and English).

Hopefully this work can show in a unique form and personal way the happenings of the last three years in Huungary. Having them in a easily reachable and accessible, comics-like publication together is there a chance for a functional impact.

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